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Headquartered in Denver, CO, American Lighting Inc. Brands develops, manufactures, and distributes high-quality luminaires, lighting controls, power supplies, and lighting components for multiple markets including DIY and home lighting, specification grade lighting, as well as seasonal and decorative lighting. Consisting of American Lighting Inc, Tivoli LLC, and Star Bright International Ltd, American Lighting Inc. Brands operates across North America and within select international markets, reaching a broad spectrum of lighting planners, designers, and end users.






Peter Jang



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11775 E. 45th Ave

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United States of America


Core Values


Customers: We pride ourselves in providing knowledgeable and attentive support and assistance to every customer. We strive to achieve accurate and complete results with every interaction. Our focus is to deliver product quality and consistency alongside innovative solutions for lighting systems and changing technologies with competitive price to performance ratios.


Employees: We believe in taking care of our employees and their families along with our partners in profit and innovation first and foremost. A united team is the core support to
any well rounded establishment making community and family our two most highly encouraged ideals.


Brands: For American Lighting Inc. Brands, it is our goal to be prominent in the marketplace while being distinct in value and innovation. Dealing internationally places networking, cooperation, and individual development at the center of our daily operations.




Our dedicated research and product development teams are committed to staying ahead of the curve in trends and technology to fulfill needs within the industry and provide quality and consistent product to the end consumer. Our established customer service, sales, and distribution networks are interfacing and receiving feedback direct from the source daily in order to determine the future direction of trends and desires. From certifications to performance, research and development plays a key factor in all of American Lighting Inc.’s daily operations.


Technology: American Lighting Inc. Brands’ primary focus is in LED lighting technology. We are constantly looking for new and efficient ways of utilizing the most up-to-date LED technology for a variety of fixture types while also asking the question “How can we make this better”. Another area of focus is in wireless control options. With such a tech oriented society, wireless controls are a natural result of the progression of technology within the end users’ hands.


Manufacturing: Our factories are committed to using the highest quality materials while remaining economically and ecologically friendly. State of the art machinery and leading quality assurance processes allow for innovation and consistency throughout our product. With leading quality assurance processes




American Lighting Inc. Brands are dedicated to the environment and sustainable practices. We strive to source materials and partners with environmentally friendly standards and
a low-carbon footprint. From product materials, to marketing deliverables, all the way down to packaging die-line reviews, we are always looking for ways to improve our long-term
impact and sustainability.


Recent successes:

- New facilities for operations and staff

- WMS planning and implementation

- Paperless order process

- Warehouse re-organization


Looking to the future:

- New sustainable and environmentally friendly practices

- Focus on American Made manufacturing


Community and Partnerships


American Lighting Inc. Brands believes that being a part of the lighting community is more than just selling quality lighting; it is about participating in, taking care of, and giving back to the community as well. Our partners in profit and innovation allow us to provide the best possible products and solutions to our customers as possible.


Peter Jang


Peter Jang has throughout his career demonstrated strong leadership in driving growth, organizational development and teamwork. As a chief executive, he has provided clear corporate strategic direction to increase profit growth by focusing on tight coordination of interdepartmental and intercompany operations. Peter Jang has been an inventive leader utilizing a global sales and marketing perspective to identify effective distribution channels and product placement. His leadership has enabled organizations to successfully overcome development challenges and reach the next levels of their growth.


Peter Jang is currently the Assistant President of Neo-Neon Holdings Limited.  He is primarily responsible for the Company’s business in the United States.  In this role, Peter Jang is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of American Lighting of Denver Colorado and the acting CEO of Tivoli Lighting of Tustin California both of which are the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Neo-Neon. From, 1999 to 2004 Peter Jang was tasked with the responsibility for expanding the business in the US and from 2004 to 2006, was the CEO of Tivoli Lighting.  From 2006 to 2010, Peter Jang served as the director of Neo-Neon global marketing department, Executive Director, and the CEO of Neo-Neon.


Peter Jang researched data mining technology bridging management information systems to efficaciously integrate and analyze data of various companies in his study of Doctorate of Philosophy of Business Administration at the Texas Tech University. Afterward, he started out as an entrepreneur establishing successful companies and international trade ventures utilizing his acquired knowledge in business from Texas Tech.

Bruce Chiang  CFA, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Bruce Chiang has a record of growing companies organically and through strategic acquisitions both domestically and internationally. He is skilled at improving financial operations and scaling companies for expansion while improving stakeholder value and profitability.


He is currently Vice President of Finance of Neo-Neon Group, Chief Financial Officer of American Lighting, and Board member of Novelty Lights. Starting in August 2012 as CFO of American Lighting, he transformed management and optimized operations, developing and implementing a comprehensive strategic plan to grow the company dramatically while also raising equity and debt capital. He closed the acquisitions of Tivoli in 2014 and Novelty Lights in 2019.


Bruce Chiang started at THTF / Neo-Neon Group in April 2012 as Financial Director and Controller. In his prior position, he held the position of Manager, DCIP & Partners Investment Holding for the China Development Industrial Bank (CDIB) from 2005 to 2011. Some of Bruce’s accomplishments at CDIB include launching and managing a hedge fund business made up of five hedge funds with assets of over $400 million. Before joining the private sector, Bruce served as Budget and Finance Officer, Second Lieutenant for Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense from 2002 to 2004. He managed a staff of 27 and a $40 million budget, including military budgets and pension funds.


Johns Hopkins University in Maryland conferred Bruce Chiang a Master of Science in Finance in 2012. He received a Master of Business Administration from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan in 2011 and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Cooperative Economics from National Taipei University in Taiwan in 2002. Bruce Chiang also has a Graduate School Certificate of Accounting from University of Colorado Denver.


He was awarded 9 professional licenses or certificates including FRM (Financial Risk Manager) in 2007, CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) in 2010, and U.S. CPA (Certified Public Accountant) (active) license in 2016.

Jennifer Draper

Vice President of Operations

Jennifer Draper has 15 years of operations, buying, and sales experience in the technical and construction fields.  In this time, she has worked closely with manufacturers to negotiate improved pricing, better lead times, and improved payment terms.  Much of her time has been spent working closely with accounting teams preparing budgets and implementing procedures to ensure good collaboration between project teams and accounting teams.  She’s partnered closely with sales staff, product development engineers, and design teams, and considers the operations team to be the facilitators that help link departments and enable innovation.


Ms. Draper graduated with a Master’s of Science in International Business from the University of Colorado Denver, which is recognized by the US Department of Education as 1 of 17 renown Centers for International Business Education Research.  In the master’s program, she took a leadership role in several research studies, and graduated with honors.  She received her undergraduate from the University of Bowling Green, receiving Summa Cum Laude honors and the award for The Outstanding Senior in her graduating program.


In order to better understand the Chinese culture and markets, Jennifer also spent a year working abroad in central China, and studied conversational Chinese throughout this time and in the classroom afterward.  Jennifer believes this time spent was vital in understanding the culture and methodologies used in building successful international partnerships.

Jason Elrod

Vice President of Sales & Marketing - American Lighting

Jason Elrod has held the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing with American Lighting, Inc, since 2013.


Jason served as National Sales Manager for American Lighting, Inc from 1999-2006. Subsequently, from 2007-2012 Jason held the position of Director of Sales for the Residential and Commercial Lighting Divisions.


Throughout his career, Jason has built an extensive understanding of the lighting business.  During this time, he has built up a reputation as a specialist in the LED Lighting Industry.  Jason’s time at American Lighting, Inc has been enriched by many years of international experience working with our manufacturing partners in Asia.


Prior to joining American Lighting in 1999, Jason worked as worked for a large multi-national retail company and served as a Store Manger and also as the District Training Manager.

Tim Hardaway

Director of Sales & Marketing - Tivoli Lighting

Mr. Hardaway’s 21 years in the lighting business began in entertainment lighting retail sales.  Shortly thereafter, Jim entered manufacturing side and brought an obscure company from Thousand Oaks, CA, Mobolazer, to the forefront of the solid-state laser projection revolution. Jim broadened his experience in sourcing and manufacturing while living in China and managing one of the largest lighting companies in Asia.


From entertainment lighting, to solid-state lasers; architectural lighting to general and decorative lighting, Mr. Hardaway has been at the forefront of the white, variable white, and RGB solid-state lighting industry since its inception.   Utilizing LED as the light engine, Jim has been instrumental in the early development of beam shaping, focusing, projection, and color changing.


Mr. Hardaway is an accomplished executive utilizing global sales and marketing perspective to drive product growth; identifying effective distribution channels to place products. As an inventive director Mr. Hardaway deploys market analysis to determine corporate strategic direction. A creative director, Mr. Hardaway cultivates team performance through the development of systems, and marketing materials, product development, sales and customer service standards.

Tres Coors

Chief Operations Officer & Founder - Novelty Lights

Tres Coors founded Novelty Lights in 1999 while he was attending college in Colorado. Tres has a passion for the lighting business and has kept Novelty Lights ahead of key growth trends in seasonal décor, e-Commerce and outdoor lighting products.


Tres continues to oversee day-to-day business operations including technology implementation, setting customer service standards, new product design and inventory management.


Throughout his career Tres has shown his ability to strengthen relationships with manufacturing partners throughout Asia; creating synergies using supply chain innovations and consistently striving for operational excellence.


Tres studied business management at Fort Lewis College and the University of Colorado.

K.C. Coors

Vice President of Sales & Marketing - Novelty Lights

K.C. Coors has over 25 years of experience working in the lighting industry. K.C. worked at American Lighting Inc (ALI) from 1991 until it was sold in 2002.  During his time at ALI, K.C. was and integral team member carrying many roles helping ALI grow to $6 million in revenue.  K.C. joined Novelty Lights in 2002 and over the past 15 years K.C.’s role has been key to the growth and success of the Novelty Lights.


He has primarily focused his efforts on product development, ordering, e-commerce strategy and supplier relationships. K.C is responsible for the yearly marketing budget, strategy, implementation and creating marketing publications.


K.C. has liberal arts degree from Colorado State University.

American Lighting Inc.
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